Industries: Professional Commercial Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

For nearly 30 years, our professional disinfecting company has been meeting the individual needs of our customers across multiple industries with commercial cleaning and disinfecting services. Over the years, we have seen every cleaning and disinfection challenge you can imagine.

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Industries We Serve

Luxury Retail

A critical issue for retail environments is sensitivity to the individual store cleaning requirements. Luxury retail brands also have various surfaces to clean, including chrome, steel, marble, leather, glass, suede, and different weights of cloth. Our industry-certified Custodial Technicians are trained to clean and disinfect retail locations with eco-friendly, EPA-approved products and approved techniques.

Our commercial cleaning services make spotless retail stores.

Schools and Universities

Creating clean, safe, and healthy school buildings is consistent with our mission because children and adults learn better when their environment is regularly cleaned and disinfected.

Our industry-certified professionals have the knowledge and experience to provide first-class commercial cleaning and disinfecting services that help reduce absenteeism and increase the productivity of students and staff. With our customized janitorial service plan, you will receive an elite, professional service team that can work with your janitorial teams or provide comprehensive services to the level you require.

Our commercial cleaning services specialize in working with universities.

Commercial Buildings and Offices

Maintaining a clean office setting can be a daunting task because different offices need unique and various services. Imperial Cleaning’s cleaning and disinfecting methods provide the healthiest workplace possible by reducing the spread of germs in your facility. Our professional teams are industry certified and trained in cleaning and disinfecting techniques to tend to your specific office building needs.

Our commercial cleaning services include buildings and offices

Medical Facilities

Sustaining a clean environment in a medical facility is paramount. A clean facility reduces the risk of hospital-acquired infections (HAI) to patients and allows your organization to work in a protected and healthy environment. A sterile medical facility has more distinguished ratings, which can lead to more business and profitability. Our employees go through extensive background checks in addition to our comprehensive training. Our entire company is in strict compliance with federal health care laws and regulations.

Our commercial cleaning services are helpful to medical facilities

Financial Institutions

At Imperial Cleaning, we have designed custom commercial cleaning and disinfection programs for financial institutions ranging, from national chains with over a thousand locations to smaller credit unions with five or fewer locations. Consistent daily professional cleaning that leaves a customer feeling comfortable each day is what we provide.  Day in and day out, our industry-certified professionals clean and disinfect bank locations with eco-friendly, EPA-approved products and techniques.

Many financial institutions choose our commercial cleaning services

Management Companies

Managing multiple properties and different-sized buildings that have demanding occupants is a challenge.  The last thing that anyone wants is problems with building appearance and upkeep. Companies that operate and manage buildings have come to rely on Imperial Cleaning to help them maintain the appearance of their facilities and retain the value of their buildings. Now that patrons and employees are returning to the workplace as COVID-19 restrictions open up, we also have developed custom commercial cleaning and disinfecting solutions for buildings that have been redesigned for more shared workspaces.


Federal, state, & local buildings receive strict funding outlined in each fiscal year’s budget. We have experience working within these guidelines to keep these buildings accessible and clean for their constituents. Imperial Cleaning has the resources and protocols to help you remain within budget while simultaneously creating a welcoming and protected environment.

A municipality can benefit from our commercial cleaning services.

Car Dealerships

We have a reputation for working with luxury brands, so it’s no surprise that we work with prestige car dealerships that sell high-performance vehicles.  For both headquarters and dealerships, quality automotive brands demand a spotless showroom and clean and disinfected offices that reflect their attention to detail, style, and performance.

Our commercial cleaning services are helpful to car dealerships

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