Professional Ceiling Tile Cleaning Services

Cleaning or recoating ceiling tiles does wonders for commercial buildings. Imperial Cleaning’s commercial ceiling tile cleaning services can quickly breathe new life into dull and dingy rooms. By hiring ceiling tile cleaners to remove dust, dirt, and other particles, even an old ceiling can look new again.

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The Benefits of Recoating or Cleaning Ceiling Tiles

Recoating or cleaning ceiling tiles is not something a business owner can afford to overlook. This commercial cleaning service will give your ceiling tiles a new lease on life and so much more.

Enhances Appearance

Professional ceiling tile cleaning helps a commercial building look its best from top to bottom. It can bring back the original beauty of most types of ceiling tiles, removing the need for a recoating.

Improves Cleanliness

Over time, dust, dirt and other particles can become embedded in the tiles of a ceiling. In several steps, a professional cleaning crew makes ceiling tiles as clean as the day they were installed.

Reduces the Spread of Illness

Even though ceiling tiles are out of reach, they periodically need to be cleaned to remove the germs and bacteria that spread illnesses.

Extends the Life of a Ceiling

Cleaning or recoating ceiling tiles not only makes surfaces sparkle, it helps them last longer, too. A professional cleaning appointment will remove dust, dirt and other particles that tends to cause ceilings to age prematurely.


Replacing a ceiling is a costly undertaking. Recoating or cleaning its tiles periodically is a much more cost-effective alternative.

Professional Ceiling Tile Cleaning Services Available for Commercial Properties

Imperial Cleaning recoats and cleans ceiling tiles in many types of commercial buildings, including medical facilities and food establishments.

The Types of Commercial Ceiling Tiles We Clean

  • Acoustic Tiles
  • Vinyl Tiles
  • Fire Rated Panel (FRP) Tiles
  • Metal Pan Tiles
The ceiling of an office after it has received a professional ceiling tile cleaning.
An office looking beautiful after a professional ceiling tile cleaning.

The Imperial Ceiling Tile Cleaning Process

In our commercial ceiling tile cleaning services, our professional cleaners vacuum dust, dirt, and other particles from ceiling surfaces, apply cleaning solutions and spray special cleaning solutions to give new life to your building’s ceiling tiles. During recoating, we use a formulated coating to restore the original beauty of a ceiling.

  • Fast and effective
  • No damage
  • No mess
  • No lasting odors
  • No business disruptions

Revive Ceiling Tiles with a Professional Cleaning

Imperial Cleaning specializes in recoating and cleaning ceiling tiles in commercial buildings nationwide. Contact us today for an estimate.

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