How We Helped Create a Cleaner, Safer, Healthier Urgent Care Network

CityMD contracted Imperial Cleaning to supplement the existing cleaning and disinfecting of its 150 urgent care locations. Because of staff and customer concerns over COVID-19, CityMD was searching for a professional cleaning company to maintain cleanliness and provide disinfection services that would reduce the spread of germs and bacteria.

The Story of CityMD, an Urgent Care Network for All

Dr. Richard Park was among those who saw that there must be a better way to provide health care to the nation. But unlike most, Dr. Park took action. In 2010, he founded CityMD, an urgent care network that provides high-quality medical care through convenient access and an exceptional experience.

During CityMD’s 11 years of expansion, 150 locations have opened, each offering a comprehensive range of services for children and adults alike. New York City and northern New Jersey are CityMD’s most popular locations, while three locations have recently opened in metropolitan Seattle.

The Challenge of Maintaining Clean, Space Medical Spaces

One of the nation’s largest networks of urgent care clinics, CityMD needed a professional commercial cleaning company that could keep pace with its rapid growth. The urgent care network needed medical cleaning and disinfecting services that would not interfere with its high standards of patient care. Due to CityMD’s high volume of foot traffic, it needed Custodial Technicians who could provide meticulous attention to detail and consistent services across all locations.

How Imperial Cleaning Rose to the Challenge

Imperial Cleaning immediately completed an on-site assessment of the CityMD locations and created a cleaning and disinfection protocol that would work system-wide. The program was aimed at helping CityMD keep up with office and facility cleaning with the full support of the network’s internal janitorial team.

All CityMD locations were assigned Imperial Cleaning technicians and supported by a team of regional managers, district managers, and customer service reps. This coordinated support system ensured that communications would flow flawlessly between CityMD and Imperial Cleaning.

Customer communication has always been a hallmark of Imperial Cleaning’s customer service. Our ability to react quickly to unique cleaning issues and keep the customer informed is one of the main reasons we have a customer retention rate that is five times the industry average.

The Results

Imperial Cleaning has worked closely with CityMD offices and facilities to achieve the highest standards of cleanliness and disinfection. Using highly trained, industry-certified Custodial Technicians, we have implemented a disinfection and antimicrobial program with products that are eco-friendly and safe while being 98% effective at killing viruses, bacteria, and deadly pathogens. As the Omicron COVID-19 variant raises health concerns across the US, Imperial Cleaning’s elite cleaning program helps CityMD create an environment that is safe and healthy.

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